Healthy living encompasses what we feed out bodies as well as what we feed our minds.  When I was a little girl my Mom used to say, "Think good thoughts!"  I don't think she realized how powerful her words were at the time.  Scientific research has proven that we are a product of what we think about as well as what we eat.  

Garbage in (food and thoughts) results in an unhealthy mind and body.   What you eat will affect your physical and mental well being and what you think will affect your mental and physical well being.

Choose fresh healthy foods and water  for your body and inspiring uplifting music, video and conversation for your mind.  Fill your environment with what and who  you love!

Time to Remodel?


Often people spend more time taking care of their home than they do their own personal lives.  Due to faulty information we may think we are not deserving of having what we would love.  

I have great news for you!  You ARE worthy and you DESERVE what you would love to be, do and have in your life.  

If  you are not inspired by the life you are living, then it is time to remodel your life!  Contact me and we will get started ASAP!  Life is too short not to live each day to the fullest of what God intends for you!

Ready or not, here they come


Is our next generation ready to be our future leaders?This weighs heavy on my heart.  I see more hurting and emotionally wounded teenagers than ever before.  

More is caught than taught.  Model what you desire for your children.  If you want them to eat healthy, you eat healthy.  If want them to have confidence, fill their love basket with encouraging and inspiring words and do the same for yourself.  

If you have a child that is struggling in school, take time to listen to his heart.  Listen to what he is saying as well as what he is not saying.  What kind of self-image does he have?  Let him know how much you care before you discipline him.  Always pair a reprimand with a praise.

Life Springs From The Heart... 

Dr. Judy Shwabe

Personal Development Specialist